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All metal portable buildings are customizable to fit your needs. First pick out what size you want from an 8x8 to a 12x24 and just about anything in between. Next, if you want windows and how many. Then, decided what type of door you want whether it be a 48" single door, and 6ft double door, or a 6' 6" roll up door. Lastly, pick out what colors fit your building best. See the color chart below. Financing available with NO CREDIT CHECK, and LOW MONTHLY payments. We also have some repos available, so stop by the office anytime or contact us for more information.

Metal Siding Portable Buildings


This building comes with a standard 48" door at $1,700.00


This building comes with a 6ft double door and two windows. $4475.00


This building comes with a 6' 6" roll up door and two windows. $2875.00

Lofted Barn

This building comes in sizes 8x10 to a 12X40

Add the side porch package to any 10x20 or larger for only $695

Deluxe Cabin

4 Size to chose from





barn / Utility 

This building style come in sizes

8x8 -12x24

Also available with the porch package.